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About The Hit List

About the Hit List

The Soccerlinks Hit List is the internets premier football / soccer website ranking table. There is no need for website owners to try and persuade visitors to click on a link to supposedly 'vote' for their site - the Hit List ranks the members by the hits the site is receiving. Linked to from the main Soccerlinks database the Hit List is almost a 'mini-site' on its own, receiving large numbers of visitors and generating decent volumes of traffic for the member sites

How much does it cost to be a member?

Joining the Hit List is FREE and easy. Click the Join button and fill in a few details about your site. A small piece of code will be generated which you copy and paste onto your site pages. Done! A small Hit List image will be displayed on your site with your traffic ranking.

I've pasted the code onto my site but the image doesn't show

All submissions are checked manually to ensure that they are suitable for the Hit List. The image will show up just as soon as your site is approved. Also note that the code has to be placed exactly as it is generated or it will not work. If you are using an editor such as FrontPage it may change the code when you save the page. You therefore need to use the 'insert HTML' function so that the code is not interfered with.

Where should I put the code?

If you want an accurate count of your traffic then you need to place the code on all pages of your site. The Hit List can't count traffic on pages it doesn't know about! The image has to load for the hit to be counted so if you put it low down after a lot of other images then the visitor may have moved on before the Hit List code gets to work. I would advise placing the code as high on the page as possible on slow loading pages.

Where should I NOT put the code?

You must not put the code on any site other than your own. You must not put it in email signatures, in forum signatures, onto another Top Sites List or open it in a IFRAME. Be sensible! You know yourself if you are cheating and it only takes a quick peek at the Soccerlinks access logs for me to catch you so don't do it.

Can I change the code at all?

Short answer... no. The image is very small, just 88 X 31 pixels. It is not permitted to hide the code, resize it, make it un-clickable or tamper with it in any way. Again, be sensible.


Any sites that I suspect of cheating will be deleted and banned from the Hit List. I do not have the time for thorough investigations. If your traffic patterns are odd and / or your access stats are suspicious then your site will be deleted without explanation. The simple solution is to play fair, follow the rules and there's no reason for your site to come under scrutiny.


Thanks for joining the Hit List. I hope your site benefits from added traffic and exposure as a result of being a member. If you have questions / comments you can contact me via the Help Desk link


Steve Walker


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